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Ginninderra Ridge


MMB has carried out subdivisional work for thousands of residential blocks in the ACT and southern NSW. We have a wealth of experience in greenfield developments as well as rural and small suburban subdivisions, land parcel consolidations and agricultural adjustment. A key aspect of plan presentation stems from our expertise in data manipulation and three-dimensional modelling. More»

Old Parliment House2

Nationally Significant

Many projects of National Significance that we have been involved with fall inside the National Triangle. These include work associated with the Old and New Parliament Houses, The National Library, West Block Government Offices, The Treasury Building and the Reflection Ponds. MMB has an excellent understanding of the specific requirements of projects within the national triangle. We have also carried out significant topographical surveys of large blocks prior to the design of international embassies. More »

enviromental survey


At MMB we have a thorough understanding of the sensitivity of the natural environment. We work closely with allied professionals to minimise impact on the environment. Our work has involved surveying areas devastated by the 2003 bushfires for the purpose of stabilising and repairing damaged areas of the landscape. We have successfully undertaken many tree surveys to ensure that proposed development identifies and protects heritage and high value trees. More »

Surveyor by side of Road

Roads and Bridges

The team at MMB has extensive experience in surveying for existing and planned roads. We have surveyed for category 1 rural gravel roads through to multi-lane National Highways. A sound understanding of traffic management procedures has been essential in our successful undertaking of major road projects. More »

Construction Site

Construction and Units

MMB has been involved in providing the surveying services for many construction sites across Canberra. These include dual occupancies and town house developments as well as multi-level buildings. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of construction setout. We specialise in the preparation of Unit Title Plans, Sub Lease Plans and Property Council of Australia measurement surveys and reports. More »


Our experience allows us to quickly understand the demands of the project and to work in close consultation with project managers, owners and Government agencies. MMB has an excellent record of practising safe systems of work in areas of high pedestrian traffic. We have been involved with community projects such as swimming pools, tennis courts, shops, schools and aged care facilities. More »

Gas Pipes

Utility Services

MMB have provided surveys for suppliers of gas, electricity, water, communications, sewer and drainage services. This work often involves providing levels above and below ground and sees us working in close consultation with underground detection specialists. These projects demand a thorough understanding of safe work practices, traffic management procedures and pedestrian considerations. More »