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Nationally Significant Projects

Parliament House Flagpole

MMB was responsible for the precision placement of the most prominent feature of our Parliament House. A particular aspect of this setout was that it needed to be performed at sunrise before the metal in the flagpole was heated from the sun.

Constrution of the Flagpole Constrution of the Flagpole Flagpole, Parliment House, Canberra

Old Parliment House

MMB has been providing an ongoing service to enable:

  • Control for internal refurbishment
  • Coordinates of key corners to create new architectural plans
  • Detail for lift wells design
  • Control and detail for roof maintenance
  • Kerb redesign to minimize through-traffic

All the surveys have to be sensitive to safety, security and public and tourist requirements.

Old Parliment House Old Parliment House

The Royal Netherlands Embassy

MMB undertook boundary definition surveys for the purpose of erecting security fencing.

Royal Netherlands Embassy Canberra

National Museum

Prior to design and construction, MMB was engaged to carry out a full site survey of the entire Acton Peninsula. This included the location of some thousands of trees with their botanical names.

National Museum of Australia Plan of Acton Peninsula