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Subdivision Projects

Urban Subdivisions

Wells Station Estate

Wells Station Estate

Requiring a full range of surveying services, this project at Harrison provides over 600 residential blocks. MMB's work involved topographic survey, design drafting, control levelling and staking and pegging out blocks. Plans produced included Design Layout, Detail Contour, Block Detail Plans, Computed Plans and Deposited Plans.

Ginninderra Ridge

Ginninderra Ridge

Comprising a little over 100 blocks and located west of the Belconnen Town Centre Area, this development provides a variety of housing in a safe and attractive neighbourhood. Our involvement in this project began with preliminary topographical survey and was completed with the provision of title plans.

East O'Malley Residential Estate

East O'Malley Residential Estate

A project design for 82 large size residential blocks over timbered slopes demanded high level tree surveys to meet specific project conditions related to tree retentions. MMB carried out several detail surveys in and adjacent to this site as well as complete subdivision surveys.

Rural Subdivisions

GPS Unit at Kiaora Using GPS at Kiaora


A rural property subdivision of over 600 hectares into 8 lots. This project included the detailing for design of new roads to be constructed and survey of 13 dams and associated capacity calculations. Some work for this subdivision involved the use of our GPS system pictured here, high above the old Kiaora homestead.

Dundoos Estate Plan

Dundoos Estate

A Community Title project subdividing a rural property into 42 small hectare lots. The provision of community tracts for equestrian trails was a key feature of this subdivision. The wetland area for community recreation can be seen clearly on the block layout plan.